Tata Nano, Singur, Left Front

3 Jul

A car project which would have revolutinised the industrial scene in West Bengal, was so vehmently opposed that it had to shift its whole production plant from to industrial friendly state of Gujarat. So question arises

a) why was there massive support against Tata Nano
b) Why were people not able to see the massive economic and employment opportunity from this project.
c) Why was media not able to gauge the people’s opinion in Bengal.

Bhopal Gas & Incompetence of Government

3 Jul

Bhopal gas verdict raises very critical question of us as an Indian citizen; can we really trust the state that it can deliver time bound justice to its citizen. Why is it that after 60 years of independence we are still poor country, look at South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan; they were poorer than India in 1950’s and now they are developed countries and we in India have still to get along with Chalta hai attitude of our Police, Judiciary. Why is it that as a citizen we fail to force our government to actually govern. Why can’t we change the system of governance…..

About Us

27 Jun

Purpose of this website is to bring honest, soul searching debate in people of India; about where we want to see our country 20 years from now….

Most of Indian Newspapers, Editorials, TV channels have given euphoria of India shining like

  • We are the largest democracy.
  • 4 billionaries in top 10 in World are Indians
  • Our economy is growing at 8 to 9 %
  • We are the upcoming economic power.

We should celebrate our success & achievements but somehow i feel in this euphoria we are submerging the problems that is affecting us as a country and these problems are multi dimensional like povert, corruption, criminalization of politics, non accountability and non performance of our elected representatives. Though one thing i will grudgingly accept that ” The Indian politician, notwithstanding his tendency to be corrupt, retains a deep loyalty to India.” So i don’t intend to cause mudsling match ot Tu tu main main, it’s just acknowledgement of fault of our system and rectifying it.

South Korea in 1953 was poorer than India, and had just come out of civil war….60 years down the line a country which is 32 times smaller than India and with population of 50 million, has economy bigger than India. Now this is the real food for thought…..

World is appreciating and applausing Indian miracle growth because the boy who always stood last; in class of 100 has improved his performance and now ranks at 80 instead of getting the last rank. – “Pappu paas hogaya”

It is not that we are poor, its our government policy which has made us poor.

The life of individual and nation is almost identical, its the attitude and policy matters.

South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan were poorer than India 60 years back, now they are developed economies.

Dhirubhai Ambani was pertrol pump attendant in 1960 in Yemen and at that time Godrej and Walchand were billionaires. now look where Reliance Industries is and where Godrej and Walchands are…

So my aim is to bust the myth, of pile of shit that we were taught in schools

  • Vicious Circle of Poverty.
  • Population is an hindrance for growth of India.
  • We donot have enough resources


The aim is to raise awareness and bring socio economic development of India by raising relevant questions.

Hello world!

27 Jun

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